Hello! My name is Sara Easterling and this is my blog. Print and Proper* is a lifestyle blog where I chat about style, design, everyday life, and intern savvy. I began it to chronicle my first summer moving out to New York City, a place I’ve never really been to, muddling my way through an (oh so fabulous) art internship  at Teen Vogue magazine.

As my twitter description so eloquently proclaims, I am a 20-year-old student, graphic design nerd, magazine hoarder, wannabe photographer, crazy cat-lady (meow). I style, I write, I draw, I attempt photography, and do some general exploring along the way- all, I believe, excellent things for me to share with you.

Enjoy! And feel free to like, comment, share or drop me a note (seeaster@syr.edu).

*If you’re wondering about the name, it’s simply a reference to my publishing aspirations and somewhat traditional style. I use puns because I puns are cool and funny and anyone who tells you different are flat out wrong.


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