Gloss Boss

IMG_0435 copy

This makeup and accessories look is the latest result of the purple kick I’ve been on lately. I wanted this super opaque Lime Crime lilac lipstick for months before I finally ordered it online last year. Seems like it could be perfect to spice up my warm weather repertoire but found that, when applied straight to lips, the result was quite shocking!  Recently, however, I had the idea of combining a different purple hue on the outer lip, then lightly blending it out. The finished effect is a cool ombre that I’m really diggin’ it this week. It’s still bright, but more wearable for those of us with less Lady Gaga-ish tendancies.

As for my Gossip Girl fabulous lilac headband- it was a sale find from the most fabulous Juicy Couture I’ve ever been in. A beast of a place on Madison(?) Avenue complete with chandeliers and a spiral staircase, filled with all the bows and frills a I would like to buy but simply can’t afford. So that… is how I end up with a super cute jewel encrusted headband. I call it a fiscal compromise.

Have a happy holiday weekend America!


Left: Victorias Secret Lipstick in Adores  Right: Lime Crime lipstick in D’LILAC

IMG_0417IMG_0418 IMG_0429

Headband: Juicy Couture



One thought on “Gloss Boss

  1. Love the way you’ve done your lips ! Gorgeous!

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