Apple Slices


From the apparent lack of posts, you can probably tell that work has been taking over my life here in NYC. Things can get a pretty stressful by the end of the week but, thankfully, the city offers a few carefully manicured retreats (and I’m not just talking Central Park!). The vast and tranquil grounds at Brooklyn Botanical Garden are open almost every day of the week with discounted $5 tickets for students. Just steps from busy bridged borough (990 Washington Ave.), it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon walking, napping, and getting back to nature. So I pulled on some flats and a comfy weekend outfit to make the trek.

My favorite section was the Cranford Rose Garden and it really took my breath away. A beautifully cultivated collection of- you guessed it- hundreds and hundreds of fragrant roses! It was so unbelievable, the kind of place where I would imagine a Versailles tea party taking place or a sudden appearance of garden fairies.  On a creepy side note, I’ve decided where I want to have my wedding pictures taken…

Another highlight was the fragrant herb garden. We experienced little plants smelling like everything form mint to pineapple. Did you know that the best way to smell the scent of a fragrant plant is rubbing it’s leaves with you’re fingers?

One final tip: If this trip has left you with an inspired green thumb, make sure to exit through the gift shop where you can buy your own potted plants and gardening supplies. Yup, I walked out with a 5 inch non-spikey cactus named Frank who now sits on my apartment radiator (:


IMG_0346Stopping to smell the roses.

IMG_0371A nice reminder for everyday city life.

IMG_0367Who knew a vegetable could have such beautiful colors in it?

IMG_0357IMG_0392This Japanese style pond brought me back to my Asia days last summer!


Oh, and if you’re wondering where I got this favorite cosy comfy super-soft onesie… Here’s a quick outfit of the day:

Jumpsuit: American Apparel

Headband: American Apparel

Sunglasses: Forever 21


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One thought on “Apple Slices

  1. alice says:

    I was there a few weeks ago! Definitely never going to get tired of it.

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