Apple Slices


So I’ve finally made it to NYC, and I couldn’t be more excited. Since I don’t start my internship till next Monday, this week has been full of sight seeing, restaurant hopping, and all other kinds of general exploration. The walking part is exhausting, but it’s worth it knowing that I’ve already found quite a few treasures I’m sure to return to throughout the summer. I have a serious weakness for bake shops, coffee houses- particularly anywhere that sells sweets! One of my new favorites is Billy’s Bakery.

A New York staple, Billy’s has several locations throughout the city, the Tribeca spot is just a few short blocks from my apartment (it’s on 75 Franklin Street b/w Broadway & Church). The little shop is famous for it’s old fashioned cupcakes and “grandma’s kitchen” feel. I especially loved the conversation friendly seating and 50’s style decor.  As far as what to order- I don’t think you could go wrong. Sure, the cupcakes are delicious, however, my favorite menu item is currently the banana pudding cup; layers of bananas, Nilla wafers, and banana cream- this quaint confection really is the bees knees!

IMG_0279IMG_0290IMG_0281 IMG_0282IMG_0283 IMG_0285IMG_0280

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