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Can we just take a minute to appreciate the wonderfulness that is macaroons?

Admittedly, my relationship with these sugary French confections is complicated. To be honest, I don’t really like eating them. The taste and consistency is a bit weird to me. But macaroons are so posh, that whenever I see some I can’t resist going into complete Marie Antoinette mode.

13mari.1.600(Coincidently, the Sophia Coppola film is another love, based solely on the decadent art direction).

All the fawning over macaroons has led my mother to believe that they are actually my favorite pastry, so she picks up a few whenever she sees them (around here, French confections are a rare commodity). These lovely pastel numbers are form the locally famous Oakmont Bakery near Pittsburgh. Although I only actually tasted the chocolate one (sorry but who buys orange flavored macaroons??), I couldn’t pass up a chance to celebrate the pretty little sweets. Ooh-la-la!

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