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My interior design almost always follows a shabby chic sort of aesthetic. It’s convenient at this point in my life as the style can easily incorporate mixed hand-me-down pieces, cheapy furnishings an array of eclectic knick knacks. As a college student (and closet hoarder) I embrace the opportunity to make clutter look cool and give old pieces a more bohemian vibe. So when I re-did my room last year by painting the walls a pale french blue, I continued the rococo-esque theme by filling it with antique-looking accent pieces. And this re-purposed vanity is my favorite.

An antique my mother found years ago in England, this piece was sitting pretty in our basement before I drudged up all it's loveliness. The vanity sits in the corner of my bedroom now, covered it with pretty, shiny things and dashes of inspiration. I don't use this vanity in the traditional way, but have re-purposed it to act as somewhat of a desk. While I end up doing most of my actual work right on top of my bed (bad habit), I still feel that areas like this in my bedroom serve to provide a more peaceful and personal living space. I highly recommend adding fun pieces like this to your home- they instantly give any room character!


This chair was another re-appolsteted antique find of my mother’s. I threw a little silver sequin accent pillow on from my bed to add sparkle. Doesn’t exactly match but I like mixing in a bit of fun to break up the stuffiness of the older pieces.


I love this delicate detail of lounging ladies on the front middle drawer of the vanity.


Some of the desktop essentials seen here: good reads, Bath & Body scented candles, pretty perfume bottles, note cards, picture frames, and a unique vase full of my favorite fresh (or fake!) blooms.

IMG_9963IMG_9969 copyIMG_9966 copy

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