Head to Heels 5/24


It’s that wonderful time of year when college students flock home for the “summer” holidays and get to enjoy a few quick weeks before the rest of the world joins us for vacation. So while my sister and I take a week-day to do some window shopping in Pittsburgh, I’m test driving some of my ready-for-work separates before the internship. I’ve found that a lot of black and white prints made their way to my closet this season, so I’m pairing them with neutral tones then adding pops of color like these beloved rose-toned sunnies and suede wedges.

In other news, I got a fabulous haircut today at MCN Salon in Shadyside. I went for a white-blonde tone this time and, after being slightly shocked at the length of my new side bangs, I’ve really grown to love the sunny new look! Sort of in tune with the whole 60’s mod moment happening right now, I think.

IMG_9911 IMG_9886



blouse: Kensie (Macy’s)

pants: H&M

wedges: Kelly & Katie (DSW)

bag: Urban Outfitters

necklace: Forever 21

sunglasses: thrift store in Milan (sounds glamourous, no?)

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