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Head to Heels 5/29

IMG_9978 copy

I love that warm weather is a time for whimsical outfits. Festival wear, picnic dresses, floral for June weddings… Although work has me focusing on chic business casual this summer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out a more etherial look, inspired by  the beautiful purple flower bushes growing in our garden.

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My Space


My interior design almost always follows a shabby chic sort of aesthetic. It’s convenient at this point in my life as the style can easily incorporate mixed hand-me-down pieces, cheapy furnishings an array of eclectic knick knacks. As a college student (and closet hoarder) I embrace the opportunity to make clutter look cool and give old pieces a more bohemian vibe. So when I re-did my room last year by painting the walls a pale french blue, I continued the rococo-esque theme by filling it with antique-looking accent pieces. And this re-purposed vanity is my favorite.

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Head to Heels 5/24


It’s that wonderful time of year when college students flock home for the “summer” holidays and get to enjoy a few quick weeks before the rest of the world joins us for vacation. So while my sister and I take a week-day to do some window shopping in Pittsburgh, I’m test driving some of my ready-for-work separates before the internship. I’ve found that a lot of black and white prints made their way to my closet this season, so I’m pairing them with neutral tones then adding pops of color like these beloved rose-toned sunnies and suede wedges.

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So it begins…


I was going through some desk drawers recently during a move out from my dorm (packing becomes a nasty habit in your 20’s- one that I’ve been all to familiar with lately) and I came across an old date book. A year old, I suppose I held on to it for a couple of months because it said something about cupcakes on the cover (another concept with which I am too familiar). I was about to throw it away before I noticed a small post it note stuck to the inside cover: “To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation. It was a quote from Life of Pi, a required reading book I was required to read for last year’s modern literature course. Although I only managed to cram in certain excerpts amidst a mountain of required readings and general procrastination, this particular line had stuck with me.

It’s on my mind now because summer always feels like a time for mobility. Last year I traveled, almost on a whim, to Shanghai, China, where I studied, explored ancient ruins, met some amazing friends, and generally stuck out like a very tall, blonde, mandarin-botching, sore thumb. This summer, I plan to travel to an even more exotic and befuddling land- New York City. Even more, I’ll be working at one of the scariest yet wondrous places I could think of- the art department of Teen Vogue magazine!

Quite simply: I have no idea what I’m doing. And there’s a lot of doubt that comes as a natural companion to that. I’ve never been to New York, save one short trip in which I spent the majority of my time hiding fan-girling tendencies from the kind people I interviewed with at Conde Nast. But in approximately one week, I will be re-packing my bags full of retro finds and discount designer for a tiny room in Tribecca- ready to take eon the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s a scary proposition, but I’m a big believer that throwing yourself into something new, like fish oil pills or empire waist dresses, are good for everybody.

So why blog it? Why not! Yes, friends and family have expressed their interest in my summer exploits. And since I already spend the majority of my time trolling blogs, Pintrest, style sites, and tutorials, and bother my friends with impromptu photo shoots (“Look candid guys!”), I figure I should be pretty use to the visual diary concept. As I tout in most cover letters, I think paying attention to the aesthetics in every day is essential. It inspired my style, my design work, and now- my blog!

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